Our Roasting company is always looking for the origins to create the best organoleptic profile.

The main goal of “Ambrosiano Factory” is to always offer an high quality espresso coffee.

Some of our Origin are classified as “Super Premium Coffee” and all our coffees are positioned in the high end of the market.

The high quality of the coffees is due to their almost total absence of defects and to the cultivation in plateaus where the climatic and soil conditions are optimal.

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High quality espresso coffee

From the choice of blends, to roasting, to packaging, everything is done with the utmost care for a High Quality product.

In the Ambrosiano Coffee laboratory, thanks to the experience and knowledge acquired in all stages of coffee processing, we carry out checks, classifications and controls to plan the most compliant roasting programs.

The roasting of the finest coffees in the world takes place with an “artisan” process but with sophisticated technology, ensuring a constant blend throughout the year.

all the essential steps to guarantee quality

1 ◦

Control on the original sample and boarding approval

2 →

Check on the sample arriving at the port of landing.

3 →

Control at the entrance to the Ambrosiano Factory.

4 •

Control and evaluation of our blends and those of the competition.

washed coffees

completely natural process

Ambrosiano Factory uses large quantities of washed coffee in its blends.

The term “washed” means that the coffee is treated with natural processes IN THE ORIGIN COUNTRIES in order to enhance the quality of the coffee making the product very valuable and highlighting aromatic notes.